Easy, healthy dinner and desert!

I love to cook healthy, filling dinners, but can’t mess around with too many odd ingredients. One of the go to websites that I use is skinnytaste.com

I found this recipe for Stuffed Pepper Soup on her website and absolutely love it! It’s so flavorful and delicious! I make it over and over again. Plus, it goes great with my pizza bread from this post.

Here is the recipe: Stuffed Pepper Soup

I like to sprinkle some oyster crackers on mine

I like to sprinkle some oyster crackers on mine

I also whipped up my favorite desert/snack food! It is so chocolaty and delicious that once I start eating it, I have a hard time stopping!

What is this fantastic recipe? Cookie Dough Dip!! This is from my favorite desert blog, Chocolate Covered Katie.

Her recipe has a few different variations on how you can make it. I use oil instead of peanut butter (I don’t like the peanut butter taste), brown sugar for the sweetener, and I always add in some extra chocolate chips ;) Also, she reccomends using a food processor, but I make it in my blender and it’s delicious every time. Just make sure you let it blend well. I snapped a quick picture before I licked out the container it was gone!

I love to dip in graham crackers!

I love to dip in graham crackers!

Hope you enjoy these two recipes and are able to find some others on these sites that you like too!

2 thoughts on “Easy, healthy dinner and desert!

  1. Thanks for sharing that pepper recipe! I want to ask Steven if he wants to try it… when the weather calms back down again ;) (last night he made soup, for a FM recipe, and I was like “YAY! Soup! I was so cold!” tee hee)

    (p.s. both recipe links were broken when I clicked on them :( the http was missing a colon or something after it)

    • Your welcome! It’ll be a better share when they actually work :/ Oops! Thanks for the heads up!

      I’ve been wanting to make the soup for a while, but then the weather turned hot! Lol. I still like to eat it though because its so delish!

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